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5 Best Website Builder in 2019



WordPress the most famous website builder exist on the internet. 34% websites on internet are built on wordpress. There are two types of wordpress
• Self-hosted wordpress.org
• Second is Wordpress.com
There are numerous benefits of wordpress which attracts the user all over the globe and people prefer to use wordpress for web development. We as a software company even prefer to use wordpress for website development. We will now discuss Pros and Cons of WordPress


Best thing about wordpress is it allows you to have control over every aspect of your website. WordPress not only use for portfolios or blogs but it is also very useful for developing e commerce website. There are very large number of store which are using woo commerce functionality of wordpress for their online store. There are so many free wordpress themes available which helps you to design your website without prior knowledge of any programing language.


The only downward side is you have to familiarize yourself with a new system but don’t worry it is easy to manage.


Although wordpress is free but you need to buy domain and hosting for your website which is available on many website like go daddy. We also provide domain and web hosting at Itechx.

Gator by Host Gator

HostGator is the inventor of the new website in market name Gator which provide web development in almost all the countries of world. It count to be as one of the best website in market because of its many features provided and the website solutions that are mentioned.

Merits of Gator:

The website provide you with many services that’s what makes them prominent among all. If you are linked with such website you have no worries about any of your software updates.
You just need a single click or a drag to find many of the options that is useful for your website designing like photos and videos option along with maps and contact information.
The mist influential thing provided by Gator is that it has approximately 200 templates of website designing with a lot of the edit by choice option which is a key factor for website to gain people attention.
You have different options for text and columns.
You have a gallery option from where you can choose and select any of the built in photo from the store to use it on your website.
It also has a free domain selection name column for your website.
The services included the Ecommerce option to provide your website a new basic setup and helps you to increase your products sales online.
Gator itself is a paid website, so its gives no free ads on your web.


Gator has no free plan option so they don’t allow any free trial for customer.
The main drawback is you ate not allowed to assist any developer for your website development and design and for helping you with all the latest updates provided for your website.

Paid criteria:

The starting paid pack is $3.84/ month. For premium it is $5.99. And $9.22 for ecommerce plan.
This paid criteria is cheapest among the many websites available which increases their user number and value in town.
The website, Gator is more useful for building up small scale business. A website with few items only 

Constant Contact builder

Constant contact website builder is A.I based builder which allows you to customize your website within minutes and give you stylish website in matter of minutes.


Constant contact builder is famous for email marketing service but later on they introduced first A.I based website builder which helps the user to create website in minutes.
You can sync your facebook to create your website or create a website with your own customization.


Developer system is small and no outsource extensions can be used in this system. They also give you free domain name when you upgrade you to the paid plan without paid plan there is no much fun.


The main expense in this is also domain and hosting which we have already discussed in the upper part of the article.


On board we have another eCommerce website which provide web development but that only for online products. The website is currently been used for about $40 billions worth of different varieties of products from different websites that sold under 1 name that ie Shopify.


Shopify is an all-in-one fully hosted solution, this means you don’t have to worry about managing software, installing updates, or keeping backups. Shopify does all that for you.


Just like Gator, it is also consider as one website for almost all services. Linking in with such website makes you carefree with all the managements and updating of the particular website and also keeps backup. That the whole package for the customer.
It also solves your payment issues by offering you with Shopify payments. This service helps you with giving payments to third person also.
Unlike Gator, it has a wide range of products with no limit rate. Just like the eCommerce web, the strategies for marketing comes all in one frame.
They provide you with many designs to choose for your website.


Wix is a cloud based website building software. It allows you to design your website very easily.


Wix is a fully hosted platform, so you will not have to pay for hosting. You get access to hundreds of templates to choose for your website’s design. Each template is fully editable with their intuitive drag and drop site builder.


Free and Connect Domain plans will show Wix branded ads on your website. You’ll need to upgrade to their Combo or Unlimited plan to remove those ads. If you ever decide to move your website away from Wix, then you will find it quite complicated to do so.


Wix offers a limited free plan with a Wix branded sub domain. You can connect a domain for $9.16 per month. Their combo plan starts at $14.95/month and will get you a free domain name. The ecommerce plan costs $26.25 per month.

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