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5 Reasons Why you Should Use WordPress

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Wordpress is one of the most commonly used platform for web development now a days. Almost 25- 30% internet is on wordpress. People frequently asked why wordpres. Why not built from scratch or use other new platform for web design. If you have such questions in your mind or any query related to that, you are at right place to get yourself out from confusion.
In this article we will talk about the importance of Wordpress and why wordpress is the first priority and will also learn about types of websites you can create on wordpress.
Starting from the most common miss conception, “Wordpress is a blogging platform” No! it is not
It is right wordpress started as a blogging tool but throughout these years they have evolve as most commonly used website builder and content management system. (CMS)
One of the reason why wordpress is used most is that it is easy to use and flexible enough to make any kind of website. Due to it’s robust feature, many of the top brands use wordpress to build their brand website which include, Time Magazine, Facebook, The New Yorker, Song, Disney, Target, The New York Times, and more. Here are the top reasons why you should use Wordpress.

1. Wordpress Is Free:

Wordpress is free, it means you can download it for free, design your website for free and match your needs without paying anything. All you need is to have a domain and hosting. There are numerous options for hosting and domain.

2. Wordpress is Easy to Customize with Theme and Plugins:

Large number of people using wordpress are neither a web developer nor web designers. And you know why they preferred wordpress still because there are thousands of free wordpress theme which can meet your requirements.
These wordpress themes are free and easy to customize because most of them have their own options to customize and change background colors, add logos and many widgets options allows you to customize your website and outlook your competitors.
You can add many desired functionality by using free wordpress plugins. They are like applications which make the website more easy to design and customize.

3. Wordpress is SEO Friendly

Wordpress theme developers use the written rules of code to make the themes user friendly and SEO friendly which makes google and other search engines love the wordpress which results in high ranking of websites and indexing of website.

4. WordPress is Easy to Manage

WordPress has got the easiest dashboard to handle all your website activities, including adding blog post, adding new plugins and making customization to your website.
Wordpress notifies you about new updates and if there is any necessary changes you need to make. Wordpress also allows you to back up your data to remote location.
Another feature of wordpress is that, you can access your website from anywhere with mobile application of wordpress.

5. WordPress is Safe and Secure

First priority of wordpress is to secure a developed website, wordpress is designed with such mindset. There are numerous plugins which keeps your wordpress site safe and secure

What Ways to use Wordpress:

Wordpress can be used for for numerous purposes not just for only blog. Following are the common use of wordpress:
1. Start a blog
2. Make a business website
3. Start an online store
4. Build a membership website
5. Sell online course.