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Bad Web Design practices to avoid

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Bad web design not only disturb the look and feel of the website but also affect your SEO. It will affect the readability, usability, accessibility, findability, and crawl ability of the site. It will make SEO more difficult and ultimately result in low traffic. Here we are providing some information regarding how bad design can affect the website.

Poor Navigation

If you are using hamburger navigation which is also known as a three-line menu. It represents bad design. It stops the user from navigating through the website, and in those cases, the user can miss the important information for which they came for your website. This 3 line menu takes time to load, depending on the internet speed, but it is better not to use it. Another navigation tip is not to use a drop-down menu that does not have a main category page. Users will not bother to spend time there to find out subcategories. Avoid using Accordion navigation which is a vertical stack menu that you expand. This creates the feeling of disorientating users and made them scroll a lot. A mega menu is a drop-down interface that contains all the information. This creates a mess and people can’t find what they are looking for.

Bad Design

Infinite scroll is a bad influence on a website for so many reasons, including affecting your SEO. It is exhausting for a user and makes them unable to view the footer. There will be so much data and it will confuse the user where he was it will result in less clicks and low traffic. List of bad practices you should avoid: • Redesign with analyzing • Not giving alt text option while uploading messages • Not fully optimized and resize images. • Using logo as H1 heading on the website. Whenever you are looking to design a Website we are here to help you. We at itechx provide quality web development and SEO. We take care of the bad practice and good practices to maintain the quality of our work for clients.