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Common Website Design Myth

Web design myth
Web Design have always been under discussion. People always debate on what is right and what is wrong. There are some universal principles which helps in making a right choice but still there are some ideas which are not right but a myth. Combining all the components to make a great site but a single step can ruin your whole effort. Just focus on the right areas and don’t get confused by web design myths. So we will discuss some of them here so you can avoid them.

Visual Comes before functionality

Yes graphics has a great impact on the user. Bright color scheme and high quality graphics surely attract users but it won’t matter if website has functionality issues. Functionality and graphics go hand in hand. Quality of site content is necessary, Visuals won’t matter if content isn’t god enough. Everything has its own importance. So make sure both things are working well together.

My Website works for me so it will for everyone

People now a days are using all sorts of devices to use internet, you don’t know from where traffic is coming so you have to prepare your website good enough for everyone. It will help you to retain your web traffic. People will keep visit your website if they like it and in internet world traffic is everything. You have to create your website mobile responsive. If you do not remember this, you will have low conversions and unhappy visitors which results in declined sales.

You’re done working after designing a website

Let me correct one miss conception here, if you think you are done designing a website then my friend it’s not true. Because web design is continue process you have to make changes time to time. May be you have to add form. You have to a link sometimes your links will be broken. So it will keep going. You need to consider security of a website as well. Backup the data and make sure you are having a great SEO for your website.

Easy and cheap to build a website by yourself.

Professional designers have a ton of experience and knowledge. If they are charging any amount, it is worth it. It will help you in long term. Make sure you choose the right organization for that like Itechx. We will provide extensive marketing solution which means whenever you need any help, you will have expert advice from us. Design doesn’t mean only structure of the website but also the content of the website along with search engine strategies targeting your audience. You should know about the changes happening in the industry. Itecxh can help design amazing website and will also provide maintenance service. Our highly skilled team will save you from trouble and will help your business to put its best foot forward. If you are looking to develop your website or want to market your website, feel to contact us! We help businesses grow.