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E commerce website mistakes you should avoid

E commerce website mistakes
If you are willing to create an e commerce store, you should know there is a lot of competition. Just search e commerce store and you will find so many and they all want customer attraction. Many of them are not getting much sales which they could and they should have. Here we will talk about those mistakes by E commerce store owners which you should avoid to generate more sales and generate more revenue from your business.

Not using HTTPS

The major blunder encountered in e commerce store is they are not using SSL certificates. SSL secure websites from fraud. Secure websites always attract more customer then insecure websites. It has a benefit in SEO as well. Because secure websites will always rank higher and quickly then websites which do not have SSL. A HTTPS site is certified and will show a green lock in the address bar. It provides customers with reassurance about the site so that they are confident enough to enter personal details.

Complex Payment Process

Paying money is always the difficult for the customers. Even though they are purchasing something they really want. When customer enter payment details while purchasing they need it to be smooth process without any complexity. Within seconds it can change customers mind and they will withdraw the idea of purchasing the product. So while designing an e commerce store make sure the payment process should be smooth and easy.

Too much clutter on the site

Have you ever heard the famous saying “tidy house is a tidy mind” it can be applied on e- commerce website as well. In fact it’s more important than a home. If your site is messy or clutter, you will be in loss. It will put customers in bad impression. So make sure website is well organized, it doesn’t if you don’t have variety of products. Whatever you have make sure you organize them properly.

Responsive site

In the current era of digital world, people are so busy open desktop to buy something or even browse something. So mobile responsive website is compulsory, people are using mobile phones for almost everything they have to do. So if your website is not responsive may be you will lose half of your customers. Responsive website is compulsory. We at Itechx, we make sure to take care of such issues while developing commerce store. Our developing team make sure that we follow the best practices for our clients. Itechx is a software company and we provide web Development, SEO, Digital marketing, hosting, domains and web security. To get website highly responsive and secure website feel free to contact us.