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FAQ’s To Developers

Itechx provides services to businesses of all sizes with a specialty in Digital marketing in Lahore and the United Kingdom. This includes Web Development, SEO, and Social Media Marketing. Itechx has a team of skilled developers, who are helping people for so long now. They have experience in helping clients with all the questions in their minds. Here we are sharing some of the most frequently asked questions by clients about Web Development

How much will it Cost

Yes, this is a valid question! But the answer lies in the amount of work. The graphic work, number of pages to be created like Home Page, about us page, contact page, etc, and if there are additional functionality included it will also influence the final cost. Not a single developer can give you a final cost before discussing every requirement in detail. This helps the developers to estimate the exact needs of the clients and the cost of the project.

Can I make changes after it’s done?

Yes, why not! When we finish developing a website, we provide complete guidance to the clients so they can be able to manage their website by themselves. Otherwise, Itechx provides web management services as well.

How long will it take to build a new site?

Developing a website is a huge task, on average it can take around 6-8 weeks for a new website to be built. There are many factors that need to be considered like a contract to be ready, all the input from the client and confirmation of the requirement from the client, and most of all getting feedback from the client.

Who will write the content?

Itechx also provides content writing services. All we need is a little amount of detail from you about your business and the rest of the team of our content writers will handle the task and will provide you the original content for your website. We can also provide a blog posting service for your site as well.

Will the site be mobile friendly?

Creating a mobile-friendly website is essential because a large amount of traffic is coming from mobile devices. Nowadays it is not a choice to create a website for only desktop users. Our developers will develop an amazing design on desktop as well as on mobile devices. The idea of having a website will scare you but don’t worry our developers are ready to take this challenge and will provide quality. We will guide you as much as you required and will answer all questions that you might have. Get your business website by our skillful developers or if you have any idea discuss with us, we will provide our best services to you.