Five Free SEO Tools Online You Should Be Using For SEO Site Checkup

Five Free SEO Tools Online You Should Be Using in 2021


SEO is a vast field in which tools are essential for every valued process. Free SEO Tools Online with a wide variety of uses are covering several everyday SEO needs. But here comes a problem! many tools are paid and you can’t get any valuable help without paying them.

In this article, you will get an overview of five amazing tools by which you can solve the boring processes in SEO. These tools are fast, free, and easy-to-use. So instead of firing a list of SEO tools at you, We also help you learn how to use each of these free SEO tools.

Five Free SEO Tools Online:

Let’s jump right in.

  1. Screaming Frog:

Let’s Explore the Free SEO Tools Online – So the first tool you should be using is Screaming frog SEO Spider. We use it pretty much daily to perform SEO Audits to analyze competitors and to analyze our website. We could not live without this tool and this by far one of our favorite SEO tools,  because it is fundamental to performing effective SEO Audits.

It has so many capabilities, and we are not going to be able to hit every single detail of this tool in this article, but we’ll show you some of the high impact stuff that this tool can do for you. 

So the first thing I recommend you doing is connecting the API. We’ll recommend at least connecting Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Free SEO Tools Online

And if you are paying for any of these tools go ahead and connect them.


We use some of these other settings, but for the most part, we’re just focusing on SEO performance so that we would select organic traffic.

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So once you have the Google analytics and API setup and the Ahrefs, or whatever link tool you are using, go and enter the domain that you want to crawl. So, in this case, we’ll do “”.

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We want to show you how to find thin content because thin content is one of the most significant issues that you encounter on a website. Screaming frog makes it super easy to find this particular issue. Just go to the internal tab. And see the word count section for each page and then export them to Google sheets. 

This is an excellent feature in screaming frog. You can filter through the pages that have low word count accordingly.

From there, you can audit each page and check if that page needs to be upgraded, it needs more words or it needs to be better. Because typically if a page has low word counts it doesn’t have traffic, and it doesn’t have links then there are probably some issues going on there.

  1. Answer the Public:

Answer the public will help you to find ideas for structuring your SEO content. This is by far, one of our favorite SEO tools and one of our keyword research tools. We use this tool for every piece of content. We create because it’s so incredibly powerful and the best part is free.

So go there and enter your primary phrase there. It will show you the number of useful results. 

Free SEO Tools Online

Analyse all the keywords and add them into your content strategy.

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Once the analysis is complete click on the Data tab, then you can see all the questions that are being asked about your primary phrase and so you need to go through these and then copy the ones that are relevant to whatever your content asset is. This is extremely powerful you’re gonna be able to capture a ton of long-tail traffic by answering these particular questions about your primary phrase.

And some are not gonna be relevant, but some are. 

And one other thing you can do is you can actually take a keyword phrase, and then rerun it and see if there are even more long-tail phrases. So that’s the way you can keep stacking long tails into your content. But the essential part is to make sure that the long tail is hyper-relevant to your primary keyword phrase. 

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  1. Hemingway Editor:

The third SEO tool you need to be using is Hemingway.

This may not seem like an SEO tool on the surface, but it’s compelling for creating incredible content. You can be a superb writer and still creating incredibly engaging and readable content just by using this tool. 

This might be the weirdest tool that we share, but this is what we would call our secret weapon for creating great content. Not only for SEO purposes. But just great online content in general. And so if you don’t consider yourself to be a great writer. This tool alone can make you ten times better at writing because it is so incredibly powerful. And we use this tool for every single piece of content that we create because it helps us create better content. So one thing that we like to do.

Free SEO Tools Online

We will write our draft, and then we put the selection in here to fix all the issues. You can go to your site and copy a block of text and see if that block of text is written well. And you will see there’s some room for improvement. 

So keep going through your site and what we recommend doing is going to a blog post and what you can do is you can copy all the content. Then go through step by step and fix your content so that it meets these criteria.

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We can assure you that it will make your content 10 times better, and the best part is this tool is just going to guide you through the process. So it’s so valuable, and a lot of people don’t do this. It highly recommended you to take advantage of this tool.

  1. Grammarly | Free SEO Tools Online:

Grammarly is a free browser extension, and it will help you fix all grammar and spelling errors within your content. You can do directly on their actual website, or you can add the chrome extension. Either way, it’s excellent because chrome extension allows you to see issues while you are creating content.

Here is a quick overview of how you can use it. 

Go to New document and paste your content there.

Free SEO Tools Online

You can set goals depending on what it is, of course. This will depend much on the business itself. But we will recommend Formality “Informal” and intent “Inform.”

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Grammarly scans through this content, and you can see the issues related to the copy itself what Grammarly does. Its make your writing way more efficient. And you will be able to eliminate a lot of grammar issues, a lot of spelling issues and then when you stack Grammarly with Hemingway. It will be so powerful. 


So we recommend editing first in Hemingway and then bringing that content over and putting it in Grammarly. And just by using those two tools alone, your content will be 10 times better. 

  1. AM Institute Headline tester:

Every single time you create a piece of content you need to test your headlines in this tool, because your headline is pretty much the most crucial part of your content believe it or not. AM Institute Headline tester will do for you.

80% of people don’t even read. They pass the headlines 

You need to do your best to create captivating headlines and persuasive headlines. So this tool can help you do that well.

What you need to do is select whatever category you’re in.


So we will submit a heading for analysis. It got an 80% score. And so what they claim is that most professional copywriters headlines will have between 30% to 40% in their headlines while the most gifted copywriters will have 50% to 75% in their headlines. 

So one thing we have realized about this tool is shorter headlines tend to get better scores. But what we recommend doing is keep creating new headlines until you at least get into this 50% range. 

You don’t need to get as high as 80% but continue creating new headlines over and over and over until you get a good one and then use that at your title of your blog post or title for your homepage or whatever copy you’re creating.

So this tool we use all the time for creating good headlines and we highly recommend you use it if you are trying to create more captivating headlines.