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How Does SEO Helps Your business Grow


What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to optimize website content such as text, images, and keywords to optimize websites for famous search engines like Google, bing and yahoo and improve search engine rankings of website. It helps in getting traffic to website and growth of business starts from here. There are several activities performed by search engines before ranking websites.
- Crawling means fetching all the pages linked to a website. This function is performed by a software called spider or crawler.
– After crawling, the next step is indexing. Websites are indexed in a large database to retrieve the data later on. From indexing a keyword which describes the page perfectly is assigned to the page.
– After receiving a request for a keyword or query search engine find those keywords in indexed pages database. Retrieving Results - Finally the best match results are shown on the browser.

Importance of SEO for Business

In today’s world the competition is increasing day by day not only offline but online as well. There many people waiting to score and snatch your client’s. For online business you need to compete those business by having best SEO for you website. Search engine optimization is essential because:
• Most of the people on the internet prefer to click on the top 5 suggestions provided by the search engine. So for gaining more traffic to website, you need to be in top at least.
• SEO also helps in promoting business online. Promoting your business helps in increasing traffic to website and increase in sales.
• Website with more than one author, can be benefit directly or indirectly.
• If two websites of same business types, are online but traffic will be directed towards the website with better SEO.
• People trust websites showing in top positions as they trust search engines. Whatever search engines show them they think it’s best for them.

How does SEO help Your Business?

With the increasing popularity of internet and social media. Many companies not only giants but also small companies investing in SEO and social media marketing for their business.
We at Itechx provide SEO service. Following are the details what we provide.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Once website is setup next target is to rank in top positions of search engine. We help you to rank your website in top positions of SERP.

Better Conversion Rate

With better position, there is an increase in traffic on the website which will results in better conversion of the user. Helping the business to grow further.

Keyword Research.

We provide best keyword for your business which are relevant to your business and help you in rank high on google. Keywords with high volume


We provide quality backlinks with high DA, backlinks with high DA increase website domain authority and We at Itechx provide Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing. Our team provide best service to the clients.

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