How To Market My Website? | Apply Digital Marketing Strategies

How to market my website

So, you have done the first step by creating your website, now the next challenge is to market it and let people see your website. If you are wondering how I would do that, it can be challenging at first but you will succeed with the right approach always. The goal will be accomplished and your sales will be increased.

Search Engine Optimization

The best and free technique to market your website is SEO, Search engine optimization. With the right approach to SEO, you can achieve your goals easily. If you don’t know what is search engine optimization is, let me clear it to you. It means, ranking your website on the first page of Search Engines by using keywords, creating backlinks, and sharing it on social media. You will outlook your competitors and this will surely help in increasing sales.

Pay per Click

The pay per click method is a paid method but surely it is effective. What you need to do is to bid on the words which are most used related to your business, in technical terms, they are called keywords. And google will show your website on top every time someone searches those keywords. And for every click, you get on your website you have to pay money. This is another effective way to generate traffic.


One of the most effective ways to market your website is blogging. It is the old technique but it is effective till the day. In a blog use the right keywords in your content and share it on different platforms. This will help you increasing conversion rates and it will set you apart from the competition.

Email Marketing

Email marketing, as we have discussed it’s important in the previous article. It is the oldest technique used by digital marketers. Just write an engaging headline, catchy caption which creates curiosity in the reader's mind and they will surely click on the link you have shared to your website. It is an effective way and due to the increase in internet usage, this will surely help in it.

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays there is more use of social media platforms than using just for your fun and entertainment. People are using it to drive traffic to their website and increase their sales. This is effective because on social media platforms there a huge number of users and if you target the right audience, it will boost your business. It will increase sales because targeting the right audience will help you get feedback as well. There are so many social media platforms, let’s talk about Facebook they are not only providing marketing at a cheap rate but also your message will be delivered to the right people. Other platforms are Itechx provides Social Media Marketing Services. Itechx is providing service in Lahore, Pakistan, and London, United Kingdom. Because of our quality work we are the recommended choice. Itechx can market your website to the world and will generate guaranteed results. Contact us without any hesitation, we are here to help!