rank your website
All the people running a small business and has their website, want to have upper ranks in Google search engine. Google has a search engine and websites with highest SEO score and more traffic can lead the list and also can be seen more in search results. To rank high in Google search engine, you need to find a keyword most suitable to your niche and try to use it with appropriate content. To keep the track, there are various tools available which somehow helps you to track the score help you to upgrade your results.

What’s the Ranking status?

Google, being the search engine tools aims to give rise to the website that have plenty of followers and also with the new freshly brewed content. The website which use different tools to choose a suitable keyword and phrase and also apply it in content. The ranks are allotted on many criteria’s that are not known by people. But the basic factor is to find the phrase and keyword most suitable to your niche.

What’s the Content about?

Choosing keyword that suits best with your content idea is the pick. If you are willing to get a high rank in search results and want your article to have a SEO better score, you need to find new content and thus write a high quality article to get to the point you want to.

How to use keyword?

The initial thing to do is to find a keyword with high search volume. There are thousands of results of keywords and phrase on the niche but you have to choose the one which suited best with your topic and helps you to get a bigger rank. All you need is to find the one most suitable and use it approximately 5 6 times in your article. Try to write an article of more than 500 – 600.
There is not one factor which needs to be fulfill in order to make sure your site is getting the best ranks. There are different tools and metrics are there which help you to measure the score of SEO and also help you to rank in different search engines. These metrics help you to know what your website ranks on Google engine and also helps you to find a good keyword which has a better search volume. The keywords are thus used in different content in a way they end up giving you a high quality article.

What are the Negative effects on Ranks?

As there are many tools that can give you a boost and better ranks, there are so many metrics and tools that result in decreasing your rank and SEO results score too. You need to find these tools by your own and make sure you are not getting trapped with them anyhow. Itechx is a software house, which provides you all the services of web development, web designing. If you want to develop a website or want to raise the rank of your website, contact us we can help you to achieve your goals.