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Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing: Differences and Merger

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The growing influence of internet has influenced all kinds of marketing including direct marketing. Today we are going to discuss the difference between internet marketing and direct marketing and how we can merge them together to get maximum benefits.

What is Internet marketing?

Also known as online marketing, it is the promotion of business, products or services online. There are variety of mediums that can be used in internet advertising. For example;
1. Email
2. Social media
3. Websites
4. SEO.
Internet marketing has gained popularity because of its colossal success. Some of the reasons why it is such a success are listed below.
1. Internet marketing in 2019 would be 313$ billion industry.
2. Online advertising cost 62% less than traditional marketing and can get up to 3% more sales.
3. It gives your business international exposure
4. Unlike other advertising methods, digital marketing is 24/7 and 365 days a week promoting your page.
5. You are open for business all the time. No extra bills and salaries to pay.

What is Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is promoting or advertising your business, product or services directly to your customers or prospect customers without a middle man. Some of the means used for direct marketing are;
a. Brochures
b. Text messages
c. Phone calls
d. Newsletters
Direct marketing has also been very successful like online advertising. Some of the reasons are listed below.
i. Direct marketing is cost effective unlike mass advertising.
ii. It allows the businesses to personalize the message. Hence giving the consumer the feeling of being cared for.
iii. This form of advertising has higher ROI (return on investment) since the target was already a potential customer/customer.
iv. Direct advertising allows you to measure you performance and results. The response rate will allow you to improve your further marketing strategy.

Merging Internet Marketing and Direct Marketing

Marketing has come a long way and is changed to a great extent. Online advertising and direct advertising are inter-reliant now. There are number of ways where you can fuse them together to get full benefits.
Design your direct marketing mail campaign after making your digital marketing strategy. So that, the online advertising strategy support your direct advertising campaign.
According to quantum postcards website, “Instead of directing mail recipients to your business website's homepage, try creating a specially designed landing page that recipients of the direct mail campaign can be directed to. This allows your ability to track the effectiveness of any direct mail that you are sending out. Using this strategy, you can begin to see the benefits from both mediums. Not only can you track direct mail's effectiveness using digital analytics on your landing page to begin testing direct mail campaign designs, but once they visit your landing page, you can employ inbound marketing tactics to capture lead emails and funnel them into your email marketing drip campaigns!”
They are number ways where you can merge these two types of marketing together.
1. Link your social media with your direct media campaign. When you send email to customers, be sure to link your social media with it. Include hash tags or the messages like; follow us on twitter or instagram in your marketing campaigns. Encouraging them in liking and following your business pages will not help you in further marketing your goods to them. It will also let you know more about them. You can design your future strategies in personalizing your marketing campaigns.
2. Develop your content strategy. Take time to know who you are, what you have to offer and who is your target audience? After that you can determine what are the inclinations, interests and dislikes of those customers. Build a community of your patrons and keep them involved and interested. Build trust and loyalty between you and the community through your content. “content is fire and social media is gasoline” – Jay Bear
3. Make sure not to disrupt what they are doing, your direct marketing campaign should be a part of their social media page, whether it is Facebook or twitter. Be subtle about it. Our attention span is ever decreasing. So as marketer it’s a must to get the attention of your customer or a potential without annoying and disrupting their social media activity. “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” –Tom Fishburne
Charles S. Lauer said, “a good advertisement is like a good sermon: it must not only comfort the afflicted, it must also afflict the comfortable

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