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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Web Design

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Its 2019, your website has become the fulcrum of your business and how you want to take it out into the world. This new digital age has led people to signify a website as the representation of a business.

We welcome this new change, and we feel It’s about time that everyone starting off their own business invest in a website and have it designed adequately to reflect their product.

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We gotta start somewhere

Remember, your clients can come in ANY MINUTE and in the digital world one should expect them to come around even sooner. In this day and age your business’ growth depends on the website itself.

So we’ll definitely be recommending you do so, and we’re going to go over 5 reasons why investing in Web Design for your site is so important.

No Mobile Compatibility

Let’s be honest, no one nowadays constantly carries around a laptop in their pockets now do they. Mobile phones are everywhere and there are so many sites around that don’t support websites that have mobile compatibility.

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Mobile Usage is UP

Infact, Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site on mobile if they had trouble accessing it and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead (Source: Impact Bound).

So if you’re site isn’t designed to be mobile friendly and responsive, you’re definitely losing a lot of customers.

Beautiful Sites attract Customers

Websites that are well designed, that have a beautiful outlook to them tells the customers ‘look at our site, we are definitely professionals and you should buy from us’

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Website Design is Essential

So to make sure you’re ahead of the curve, you need to concentrate on making sure your site signifies professionalism and a well designed site will definitely do that.

Business 24/7

Nowadays everyone likes to earn easily without having the hassle to go with it. It’s important to realize that a well functioning website will allow your business to flourish if done well

You will be able to address all customer concerns throughout the day and make a well designed website one of the top most priorities for your business. First impression is the last impression, so a well designed website will either result in leads or people perceiving your site as unprofessional.

Your Choice.

Constant Competition

One of the most important reasons to Invest in Web Design is the competition. We live in a fierce world of constant competition and for a business to flourish It has to stand out.

Take facebook for example, upon seeing the benefits of the usage of hashtags in posts on twitter, they were able to mimic and develop their own hashtag strategy to keep up with the competition

facebook on pc

Another strong example for this is Instagram. They too have constantly tried to keep up with their evergrowing competitors, with the subtle introduction of ‘stories’. Their web design allows them to try and upstage snapchat

So to say that you don’t need your website redesigned or reinvigorated is premature to say the least. Make the best of what you can do, and investing in Web Design is the best way to stay up to date with the competition.


Any businessman would want to constantly grow their brand. In Fact people nowadays look at a business’ website to get an idea of what kind of brand they might be investing in.

Having the same designs and layouts across all pages of your site is important, as it makes the site itself look professional. Thereby It helps in increasing the brand image

Redesign and Rebuild

Not to mention a lavish designs will make audience remember you in the long term, specially with the color schemes involved.

So investing in a site should be one of the top most priorities and you can start your process of getting one built specifically for your business here