Shopify, another online eCommerce platform and the website are working on all the forms of eCommerce. The platform makes sure you first set up your online store and then sell your products that may be included in all the services and goods. The purpose is to maintain your products and then track and dispatch your product. The orders are tracked and are responded in the specific limitation under Shopify's management. Shopify is termed as a full solution for all the eCommerce problems and provide you with the best online shopping product list and discounts.
Shopify, an eCommerce platform is a solution for the shopping problem. You just have to make an account and login to get all the basic features provided.

What are the benefits and limitation of Shopify Ecommerce?

The benefits you will be provided by making an account will be:
• The Shopify website is very cost-effective, as everyone can afford it with lots of benefits.
• You can make your online store.
• You can choose a design that suits best with your product.
• The name and domain store is wide open for you to choose from.
• Option for listing all the details about your product is given.
• Make sure you process all your orders from customers.
• There are several discount and sales offer.
• You can ask your customer to pay your bills with online options.
• The system is easy to use, as you will be free from hiring someone to build it for you
• The updation is regular and you don’t have to worry about it.
• The customer service options are also available.

What are the pros and cons of Shopify?

• The website is given as hosted.
• The services are maintained.
• Shopify is cost-effective.
• Support is provided by the Shopify partner.
• The management is highly developed.


• The free plan is not provided.
• Customization is not provided for every option.

What is the cost of the Shopify eCommerce platform?

Before you buy a plan, you are provided a 14-day trial. You have the chance to see all the features before you buy any plan. You are provided access to all the plans, so you can see which suits you best. The cancel option is available for you to cancel your plan anytime. The cost plan is available below. Monthly Shopify plan:
• For Basic: $29
• For Intermediate: $79
• For advanced: $299

1 year Shopify plan:

• For Basic: $26
• For Intermediate: $71
• For advanced: $269

2 year Shopify plan:

• For basic: $23
• For Intermediate: $63
• For advanced: $239

Who can easily use Shopify?

• It serves for many purposes to solve many problems.
• It is very easy to operate.
• It is very useful for beginners.
• The Shopify tool is very affordable with many sales and discount offers.
• Shopify is the best option for the people starting their small business.