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SEO in 2019

SEO in 2019
Search engines keep changing and updating their algorithms time to time. If you want your business on top, you should know about those algorithms. Getting on top depends on different factors and search engines analyze your website with different factors and after all the green signals search engine displays your website on top. Today we will share some important factors which you should consider regarding SEO to gain top position

User Intent Optimization

In this modern and digital world. People rely on internet for information. Google needs to understand the complexity of the information and have to main the trust which have in Google. So Google make sure the site showing on the top should have a data which will be useful for the users. When you are focusing on the intent of the search, you will be able to target the right keywords.

Mobile First Indexing

Google have its own standards. It will not shy away to let people to know about how crucial it is to have a mobile responsive website. In 2019, it is the most important factor in SEO. In the starting of 2018, first time Google announced the Mobile – First Index. It shows how important it is to have a mobile responsive website in terms of SEO. No matter if you are having visitors from desktop. You need to maintain those rankings on mobile as well.

Happy Site Visitors = Happy Search Engines

User experience should be great. It should be easy to use, have easy navigations and should not have cluttered content in it. This will help find the user what they need with and they don’t need to hassle for anything. User trust on search engines, so they need to make that trust worthy. They want to show best results for queries so they will examine every factor.

Fast Site Get Results

Another main and important factor for SEO is Fast loading speed of website. People will not wait for your site to load. They will leave a site if it is taking a too long. Use optimize images, use low size images and keep in check other technical facts which are causing speed issue on website.

Quality Content is Important

No matter if it is 2019 or 2010 quality content will always be important in SEO. Google now understand your content and index them like wise. So create a content with lots of information using right keywords and easily understandable language. You have to create right content for right people. Target the audience which have interest in your content. Targeting wrong will never help you. Try to be more precise and genuine.

Refresh Your Keyword Strategy

This is not a new idea but try to change your keywords strategy. Try to find keywords with low competition and high search volume it will take time to find such keywords but that time will be worthy investment. Look for the people from where they belong, their language and what they are searching for on your website. Itechx provide best SEO strategies for their clients. We are professionals and we deal with your worries. We make sure to give our best to generate great results for your business.