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Tips to rank your website

why my website is not ranking
The main questions always arise why our websites are not raking high on google and yes it is valid question because they are doing SEO of their website and still they are not getting ranked. Don’t panic! We got you covered. There are many smart approaches, we are going to share some tips. You should read along to solve the issue which probably you are encountering. First important thing is to understand that business which are recently started and created a new website they will not rank first immediately. You need to be patient and keep putting efforts. These things take time no matter you are king of SEO or what. You have to give it a time. If you are wondering why your rankings are bad there can be so many reasons possibly which are stopping you from ranking high. The issues can be minor or major but try to sort them out.

Your Site Is New

Website which is new takes time no matter how much effort you put. One thing to look first is that has Google indexed your site? If not make sure Google has indexed your website. You can request Google web signing in to Google web master tool and request indexing of your website. When it is indexed it means, now you website is in Google’s database and it will be displayed now if someone searches for it.

Ignoring Long Tail Keywords

Short keywords mostly have a huge competition, which makes it difficult to rank high unless you have a very old or popular website. So to solve this issue, use long tail keywords. It will help you in ranking high because mostly long tail keywords mostly do not have much competition. Example for long tail keyword is “how to rank website”, “How to create backlinks”, “How to get traffic on your website”. Such keywords mostly have keywords, so try to use those keywords so when people search these kind of long tail keywords you will surely start getting traffic. Try to find out answers to the question like “why my website not ranking”.

Poor Optimization

The biggest reason which is stopping your website to rank is may be poor optimization of your website. Optimization includes so many factors: First factor is Page speed – Improve loading speed of your website, which can be improved by using optimized images properly compressed images Second Factor Using keywords – You should use relevant keywords in the content of your website. So when the Google will crawl your website, it will save those keywords in its database and next time when people search for those keywords Google will show your website as well. Third thing is Meta Description – Meta descriptions are very important, use keywords in meta- descriptions as well. It increase chances to get higher rankings. There are so many other factors as well which comes in off page SEO like not getting quality backlinks, if you are getting quality backlinks, your chances are increased by 50% to rank high on Google. If you are thinking “why is my website not ranking” reach out to Itechx for free analysis of your website. We provide quality SEO service for your business as well. If you are looking for professionals to work for your website.