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Why is UI/UX Important for Web Development?

Before we go into details of, why is UI/UX important web development? It is imperative to know what are UI and UX for a better understanding of the topic at hand.
The technological boom has changed how designers perceive UI and UX. The easy access to computers, mobile phones and the internet means that more user-friendliness and better and simplistic designs are required.

What are UI and UX?

It is one of the most practised and oldest jobs of the World Wide Web. UI stands for the user interface. It deals with the visual aspects of the website or mobile app.
It is the feel and looks of it all. An UI design means how it interacts with the user and how it is presented.
User interface design is the general overall experience of the user. It includes the facts that your site or app is easy to navigate from one point to another, the animation and graphics, the buttons and the drop-down menu, consistency of themes on every page.
Basically whatever you see on the web or mobile is user interface UI.
UX or user experience is not the same as user interface however they are often confused as synonymous. According to a study from the Oxford journal,
“The goal of UX design in business is to “improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through the utility, ease of use, and pleasure provided in the interaction with a product.”
According to Justin Mifsud, founder of usability geek,
“User Experience Design (UXD or UED) is a design process whose sole objective is to design a system that offers a great experience to its users. Thus UXD embraces the theories of a number of disciplines such as user interface design, usability, accessibility, information architecture, and Human-Computer Interaction.
User Experience Design is practised by User Experience Designers—who are particularly concerned with the interaction that occurs between users and the system they are using.”
So, for example, a UX designer would take the principles that state how to make a product accessible, and actually embody those principles in the design process of a system so that a user that is interacting with it would find it as being accessible.”

Why are UI and UX important?

Even though they are not the same, they are interlinked and work in tandem and inseparably. In order to retain the user for more time on your site or app, it is essential to have ideally designed user interface UI and user experience UX, which not only appeals to eyes but is also informative and well structured.
The modern day is seeing the shortest attention span of us humans. So, if the site or an app is unable to grab attention in the first few seconds, you are likely to lose them. There are countless alternatives and options for users. They don’t have to stick to a website which isn’t visually appealing and informative or has awful web design.
The main goal of a website and business is to have higher conversion rates and increase profit. So the more user-friendly site the more like it is to get good word of mouth, thus increasing visitors and business.

List of Software houses in Lahore

Here we are stating a list of five software houses in Lahore which can provide a great user interface design (UI) and user experience design (UX) for web development.


“Our work delivers exceptional experiences and a higher return on investment. We are a full-cycle software development company with niche expertise and a focus on the latest technologies. We have been helping companies achieve their goals with impactful, industry-specific software solutions. We are proud to earn the trust of our loyal clients from all over the globe”
Services provided are KPI reporting, hosting services, digital marketing, graphic designing, web development, mobile app development, SEO integration and software QA and testing.
Solutions include blockchain development, fintech and blockchain, AR and mixed reality, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and internet of thingst.

NETSOL technologies inc

say that they are “adoptive to your business, your growth and the future” They have 40 years of and their edge is domain expertise, pioneers in the industry and ensured service level.


was started by MIT graduates. They provide consultation, ebusiness and IT services.


was founded in 2005; their services and solutions include application services, mobility, emerging solutions, user experience studio and quality engineering.


labs was founded in 2009. They call themselves the launch pad for start-ups. They provide purpose-built, focused engineering teams for start-ups.

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