As the world is changing into a digital world, recent years are marked as a drastic change in digital marketing. Ecommerce ( Woocommerce ) has gained a lot more importance in the last few years and it is increasing every minute. The percentage of E-sales usage in the world has raised to 45%. The survey results show that more than a quarter population of this world choose internet online shopping. As we talk about 2010 and 2012, people don’t have any access to E-commerce, but after all these years, the people are getting all the enlighten knowledge related to internet stuff and the number of customers choosing interne online shopping is increasing. The data shows that 1.92 trillion dollar sales throughout the world.

What are the Platforms for e-commerce?

Ecommerce has now become the point of observance for everyone around and people are terming it as the future of the digital world. Various platforms are ruling the world with their characteristics. The list of various platforms names and worldwide usage percentage is mentioned below.
1. Woocommerce has a value of more than 32% in the digital online world.
2. Magento occupy about 18%
3. Opencart has 11% total market value.
4. Shopify occupying about the remaining 8%

What is Woocommerce?

A total number of websites that are used in Woocommerce are 176,223. It is the most used in the digital world because it is the extended version of the world’s best content managing organization. This makes it the most important and useful of them all. Because of Word Press, all of their users become familiar to the Woocommerce which makes it the most used and leading software in Ecommerce digital world. This is not the only reason, but the features and specificities are so good along with their great services. This is very easy to use and have a great management service. The services that are provided are so easy to use. But like every other website, there are also some drawbacks. The list of pons and cons are mentioned in detail below:


• The main advantage is that the platform is free.
• The product list has variety.
• It can work on all devices.
• The platform has various options available.
• You can customize it with your ease.
• You can have the ability to design it the way you want.
• The installation process is not so difficult.
• The software is easy so you are not supposed to learn the coding language.
• The rating and review option is available.
• You can freely rate the products.
• The plus point is for all the users of Word Press, making it easier for old clients.


• The hosting is not free so you have to pay for it.
• It is the plugin on Word Press.
• You have to make a store, an online store that is hard.
• The plugins are so expensive.
• It is not of high quality.
• The support system is not well maintained.


Many free software platforms are competing a big time with Woocommerce. The platforms are the solution to many problems related to shopping. The competitors in online shopping packages that come online are:
• Shopify
• Magneto
• WP Ecommerce
• iThemes
• Opencart

HOW Woo-Commerce Is Developed?

It was developed by woothemes in the year 2011, month September. Originally it was the idea of the team of WooThemes but later in the year 2015, Automattic purchased it. The Woocommerce become the committee partner of WordPress.

What Are The Extensions Of Woocommerce?

Woocommerce have many hundred extensions. These extensions help to increase their features, product. They are: • LearnDash Integration
• Web Savvy Bridge
• AutomateWoo
• WC Google Analytics Integration
• WC MailChimp
• WC Stripe Gateway
• WC Subscription