The promotion of the stock or the brands through one or more than one form of electronic media is known as digital marketing.
For instance,
Advertising the mediums that can be used as an essential component for the digital marketing strategy could include the advertising efforts which are made through the internet, social media, mobile phones and electronic bill boards, as well as through the digital and television and radio channels.

Best digital marketing industries

These are some of the best companies for the digital marketing:
1. Zappos
2. American Express
3. Itechx
4. 92branders
5. Dollar Shave Club
6. Slack
7. Airbnb
8. Jet Blue
9. Yelp
10. Master card


With the increase in the maintenance and the use of the voice search assistants and the continuous growth in the mobile industry as the machine to approach the internet, now an appropriate time has arrived in which some important and essential areas of the businesses should be considered, and be questioning themselves, for their 2019 digital marketing strategy . Following are some of the important 2019 Digital Marketing Strategy 1. Mobile 2. Local 3. Voice 4. Content 5. Social


Mobile is something which is being used by everyone now days. Mobile continues to expand its share in the device usage marketplace. It’s a fact that so far in 2018, mobile has beaten the usage of the desktop by 52% of the entire international web searches being administrated on mobiles. Accessing data, information and knowledge is becoming more instant now days even that search engines have also adopted this. Getting your business a strong mobile presence is important in any digital marketing strategy.
Tip: Consider the importance of your market and adopt your digital presence to be mobile first. Some things to be consider:
1) The speed of loading of the website on your mobile.
2) A website that is extremely reactive to mobile will also provide easiness for the use.


The essentiality of the local marketing as a digital strategy starts to develop. 4 over 5 mobile users searching online will look up for business properly for its address, opening hours, services products and the details of the contacts. Even if your business is not a location-based business, yet it would be easier for managing and maintaining their online locality information. The customers start to see the validation and trust through the digital presence. And if there is some insufficient amount of information you suffer 60% chance for that particular prospect moving to the next business.
You should provide a real local feel for the listing by adding images and videos of your team; response to the customer-asked questions and reviews.


It is forecast that by the year 2020; almost 50% of the searchers will be monitored by the voice assistants and devices. The AI around voice assistants starts to improve and trust continues to develop in the usage of these goods. With Apple’s Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby and Facebook’s soon-to-be released Aloha, we will continue to see the development and usage of these tools in our home and in the workplace.
The most of the voice searches which are being monitored are actually the questions. Working with your SEO TEAM for the making of the content that will help the GOOGLE to answer the questions which are being asked.


The demand to give the quality content that emerges from the “noise” is becoming more essential for the business with the specific time and the resources created for it. Then add to the mix the demand for the GOOGLE to give the quality results when search questions are entered and asked. In fact, how the customer enlists with the webpage is now an establishing aspect for the GOOGLE search results.
You have to take your proper time to know about your content and research about the questions which are being asked. You have to give yourself every single chance for your business to be what GOOGLE selects to deliver when these searches are run.

• Social:

Social media plays a very constructive role in our society. Social media continues to develop in both usage and time spent on different platforms available. Though social media has been around us from a long period but only 40% of the businesses use social media to have communication with their customers. Businesses are also offering no differences b/w platforms, with the same post being used on all sites.
Social media is all about communication and connection. It is important to the people, not to the audience. Consider different conversations on different platforms. Unlike other digital marketing activities such as advertising and SEO, there is no ‘BEST PRACTISE’ with social media.

Written By: Itechx