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Web Development: important for business

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This article would basically be answering two important questions. Why website is essential for your business? And__ How to become a web developer? once you realise that a website is extremely vital to your business in this day and age of technology, you might want to start developing your own website as soon as possible. We are here to help you in both these regards.

Why a website is important for your business?

First thing first, if you have a business you want to earn maximum profit from it. If you know there is a big market for your business, would you ignore it completely? Internet is one of the biggest and fastest growing market. It accounts for 175-billion dollars’ economic value as of now. By the year 2022, internet would contribute to the world wide profit of 14.4 trillion dollars. You read that right. If this doesn’t convince you let’s look at some of the numerous reasons why a website is essential for business?
• Cost effective:
One of the main benefit of having a business website is that it saves labour costs. It is like having an online receptionist all the time. It saves all kind of bills. The advertisement on print and electronic media costs a fortune but this is not the case here.
• Accessibility and Convenience:
All you need is a website which is user friendly and professional looking with good information of your business, where your patrons could book an appointment or buy your products online. This way your customers can access you 24/7 and 365 days a year in the comfort of their homes.
• Increased Sales:
Good website means more customers. your customers can reach you anytime from anywhere. If a person lives an another city or country, he/she can buy your product from website without thinking of an alternative. More informative and updated the site more the sales.
• Credibility:
A customer is most likely to search for a product and business reliability before making a purchase and If you provide good service and quality business online, you are likely to gain positive word of mouth and thus gain credibility among customers. You can display your testimonials and facts and figures on your site for promotion. In short, in order to make your business big and make an impact you don’t have to spend big bucks. It is all about being accessible all the time, giving quality customer service and be relevant and credible. How to become a web developer? In order to become a web developer one has to learn some important skills. If you don’t have a degree in computer sciences fear not, you can easily learn these skills. There are two kinds of web development jobs.
• Front End Web developers:
These work with the visual part of the website. The part which users see on a website. Photos, videos, design, menu, information etc., are all part of front end web development. The three main skills you require for this job are learning three web developer languages.
: All the codes in the web development are eventually translated to HTML. It is one of the easiest code languages to learn. It is recommended for beginners to start learning this skill first.
2. CSS:
You can learn the basics of CSS in a day but it will take some time and practice to master this skill. CSS provides the buttons, paints, glitters, lights and template along with many other options that can be used to make the website beautiful.
3. JavaScript:
JS is not exclusively used for front end development and is highly recommended language to learn. It has a wide applicability, JS is more relenting and dynamically-typed. For beginners, learning JS would help them set up for further education. Other than mastering these languages, you need to be familiar with frameworks like bootstraps, AngularJS, EmberJS, foundation and backbone.
• Back End Web development:
A back end of a website consists of everything a web user cannot see. It contains a server, database and an application. The backend of a web application is an enabler for a front end experience. Most of the code that necessitates an application to work is prepared at the back end. There are many languages required for back end developers to learn like Java, python, ruby, NodeJS, PHP and .Net, Oracle, MySQL and SQL. We are going to talk about the three most commonly used skills by the developers.
1. Ruby:
It is a dynamic programming language created to be fun, efficient, simple and productive. Ruby can be used to code business logic, calculate data and distribute servers for better performance.
2. Python:
It is a general purpose programming language. It is especially great for back end web development, data analysis and scientific computing. It was designed to be fun and easy to use.
3. SQL:
Structured Query language is a domain specific language. It is used to communicate with and manipulate databases. For beginners it might seem like a daunting task to lean all these skills, but start learning from the easiest set of skill and go up the ladder of difficulty. There are many free and paid online programs that teach you programming and coding skills. Just google, because google is our best friend.

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